4 Safe ways to treat thrush in pregnant women naturally

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treat thrush in pregnant women Pregnancy is something that is awaited by a married couple after marriage. The happiness of a household will certainly become more complete with the presence of the baby. Apesnya, sometimes pregnant women are disturbed by the emergence of several types of diseases. One of them is canker sores.
4 Safe ways to treat thrush in pregnant women naturally
4 Safe ways to treat thrush in pregnant women naturally

Pain during pregnancy

Diseases can come anytime and to anyone. Anyone can contract a disease if the body’s immune system cannot fortify itself properly. If you are already sick, your poor body condition will also prolong the healing process.
Long time I was not actively writing on a blog, actually I was less fit in the beginning of pregnancy. Continual nausea and vomiting. Now plus canker sores, it’s sad. Worse, the condition of pain in pregnant women does not only affect the body of the mother. It’s also a prospective baby too. This is where the urgency of pregnant women to act immediately drives away disease. But remember, mothers who are pregnant should not take drugs at random!
Examples of trivial diseases that can interfere with the fetus are canker sores in these pregnant women. In this first pregnancy canker sores suddenly come uninvited. The result is difficult to chew food. I realized that I should not allow conditions to drag on. If not, nutritional intake for my fetus can be disrupted.Hmm … think hard!

Thrush When Pregnant

As I mentioned before, any disease can infect a prospective mother. The bad news is, if the disease is not resolved soon, the baby will also suffer losses.
For example, for pregnant women who experience thrush. Pain and discomfort in the mouth will make it difficult for pregnant women to eat and drink. This is certainly very dangerous for the fetus. The pregnancy period must always be accompanied by complete and balanced nutrition.
Here I am a dilemma. On the one hand, I am aware that pregnant women need various types of complete nutrition to meet the needs of themselves and their fetuses. On the other hand, the pain that is felt due to canker sores is also not to be taken lightly.
When a person experiences canker sores and does not go away, he will feel a very annoying pain. Especially when canker sores are exposed to sweet or salty foods and drinks. Ugh! In the end the pain makes it more difficult for you to eat and drink. The longer you get sick, and the more lazy you eat. Sob!

Experience Difficulty of Thrush When Pregnant

Pregnant women are a group of humans who need extra attention. All needs must be considered, especially about the need for good health. Health is a very important key factor to maintain.
Especially for pregnant women like you. Healthy is mandatory! The goal is nothing but to support the pregnancy process & fetal growth. You certainly want to get descendants who are of good quality and physically and spiritually.Pregnancy is the key.
Maintaining health can be done in a few steps. Among other things, always consume balanced healthy food, just consume high quality water, and keep your heart happy. My willingness to eat healthy is very big, but already 3 days of thrush come. What’s wrong, this canker sores everything. It’s really painful to chew.
When you get canker sores, you will begin to feel difficulty when eating and drinking. Pain and pain make appetite decrease dramatically. In the end the fetus will be very badly affected by reduced daily nutrient intake.
Your mouth ulcer must be treated as quickly and effectively as possible. Although on the market there are various types of thrush relievers and heartburn available, pregnant women should not take canker sores at random. Remember! Your condition is currently in body two. What you consume will be consumed directly by your fetus.
For that I suggest choosing natural ways for the common good. When exposed to canker sores like this I never thought of buying canker sores, even though those with herbal labels. I did not want to risk the fetus I was conceiving. Of course you are also right?
Then what method do I choose to overcome the canker sores? Yup, I still use the old method that has been practiced in my family since I was a child. Treat canker sores with green beans. Mung beans are my family’s best friend when canker sores hit.

Safe ways to treat thrush in pregnant women naturally

thanks to the knowledge inherited from parents, I have never bothered looking for ways to treat canker sores quickly and not sore. In the past, I still often searched Google for how to cure canker sores on the tongue, how to cure canker sores on the lips, or how to cure canker sores on the gums.
The main thing depends on what I was experiencing at that time. Sometimes canker sores do not always appear on the lips but also on the tongue. After a long journey I finally knew how to get rid of canker sores without pain.
This is very important for pregnant women. I think if a pregnant woman feels pain then the fetus will also get a similar experience. Therefore if you can choose how to cure canker sores without pain and pain.
It’s a pity if you get a baby’s jab in pain. Sob! Well, the use of green beans to remove canker sores can not be done carelessly. There are special tips and tricks that must be obeyed if you want to get great benefits.
1. First , you must choose good quality green beans. How do you distinguish quality and non-quality green beans? Relax, friends, I’ll share tips. So let there be no secrets between us. Eeaaa … !!! Hehe
You do this by soaking green beans in a container of clean water. Wait for a few moments. Now consider what happens to the green beans in the container. Did anyone sink? Does anyone float too?
The sinking green beans are of good quality. So you can just throw away a bunch of green beans that seem to float there. Usually the floating green beans have started to rot or not contain.
2. Second , boil the selected green beans. I used to boil a handful of green beans with water as much as 2 glasses of star fruit. There is also a technique when boiling. So, it’s not just any boiled!
Prepare a pan and add 2 cups of star fruit to the water. Place it on the stove and turn on the fire. Then enter a handful of selected green beans and wash them slowly. The problem is if you don’t slowly fear the green beans fall to the floor.
3. Third,  keep up with the boiling process. Why should it be monitored continuously? Because the boiling process is not long. In an instant the water will boil and turn green. When the water is greenish, you can turn off the fire.
4. Fourth , separate the water from the green beans. Eat the cooking water 3 times a day. Continue to drink until the canker sores heal.
How to treat canker sores while pregnant is actually easy. For the best results, follow how to treat canker sores while you are young.
  1. Eat boiled green bean water that has just been boiled.
  2. It is not recommended to store boiled green beans for consumption the next day.

The content of green beans for health

Mung beans contain various types of vitamins and minerals that are very good for the body. That is why nutrition experts recommend adding green beans to your daily menu. Let’s discuss the content of green beans one by one? Read carefully and find the answer why green beans are good for canker sores.
1. Fiber
The body of pregnant women needs adequate fiber intake. As the fetus grows, fiber needs will also increase. Especially with the frequent emergence of problems with defecation in pregnant women. Green bean fiber can be a good choice.
2. Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are generally contained in Indonesian staple foods, namely rice.Besides rice, green beans also contain quite a lot of carbohydrates. You can consume green beans so that your body is full longer.
3. Folic Acid
Folic acid can prevent problems with brain defects in the fetus.Alhamdulillah this substance is also in the delicious green beans.
4. Magnesium
This substance is good for maintaining bone density and repairing bone cells.Certainly also very good for supporting bone formation in the fetus.
5. Calcium
Like magnesium, calcium also has the ability to maintain bone density and strength. So that it is not easily porous.
6. Zinc
Another name is zinc, but not zinc which is used for roofs. Hehe. Zinc is a mineral that is very good for helping cell growth, accelerates wound healing, also strengthens the body’s immunity. Sprue sores have been shown to recover quickly thanks to the minerals contained in this green bean.
7. Iron
Preventing anemia is the main benefit of iron. In addition, it can also increase the body’s metabolism. Thus the healing process will also be faster. You can get these benefits in green beans.
8. Potassium
The benefits of potassium are to regulate muscle contractions and relaxation.Maybe this does not affect directly on canker sores, but it still supports the overall healing process.
9. Phosphorus
Related to canker sores, phosphorus in green beans is useful for accelerating cell repair. Cells damaged by canker sores will recover faster thanks to these substances.
10. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6
This group of B vitamins is good for the digestive system and also for body cell repair. No need to bother looking for this vitamin because everything is in green beans.
11. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is more widely known as an antioxidant that can counteract various free radicals. But specifically for canker sores, this vitamin has properties in repairing damage to skin cells. That’s why canker sores heal quickly with green beans.
12. Vitamin E
The benefits of vitamin E for the skin are certainly no longer a secret. This vitamin can reduce the appearance of scars and repair damaged skin cells. No wonder if skin cells damaged by canker sores can recover quickly.
Wih … It turns out that the nutritional content of green beans is very complete?The shape is indeed small but the benefits are so enormous. How? Still hesitant to consume green beans? Of course not!
The very complete content can miraculously make canker sores during pregnancy that you suffer from recovering more quickly. The scar will also not be long left in the mouth. The bonus, the appearance of your skin will be more healthy and shiny. Want???
After drinking the boiled water, the green beans can still be processed into other snacks. For example, to be legit and tasty green bean porridge. Nyummy … !!!
That is a powerful thrush drug for pregnant women. It was answered not, the question of what is a thrush drug during pregnancy? So for today. Hopefully this article is useful. Until you meet again in the next article, God willing

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