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secretland.xyz is a personal site that contains various articles according to my experience and observations in various fields. Interest in blogging and the desire to become a writer are the main factors that make this blog created.

secretland.xyz blog managers always want to present a variety of interesting articles from various fields to make it easier for readers to find articles according to what they want. The following are any themes or topics that managers make on this site.

  • Business
  • Blogging
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Tips and tricks
  • Tutorial

Site Navigation

For the purpose of making it easier for visiting readers, we provide a site navigation system in the form of a Top Menu Bar and Category Menu which can be seen at the top of this site. From the menu, readers can browse the content according to the desired theme.

In addition, several widget features such as recent posts and related posts aim to make it easier for readers of this blog to find recently published articles. Or to find articles related to the topic being read.

Regarding Design

This site is deliberately created with a simple model so that readers can feel comfortable reading the articles. Likewise for the selected font type. The design is made based on several considerations such as typographic art and other conveniences to make it easy to read.

The font color is chosen according to the custom, namely black. For the color of the active link, it is made balck to make it easier for readers to determine which article text and which link to go to a related article or certain source.