Shortness of breath during pregnancy, 19 Ways to Overcome It !

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Today you will get information about Shortness of breath during pregnancy. Are you also experiencing the same complaint?
When you are enjoying the role as a prospective mother who is excited to wait for the meeting with the baby girl, uh, even the shortness of breath comes along. Yes, what can I do, maybe it is like this all about pregnant women that must be lived.Keep the spirit!
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Pregnancy is the result of the meeting of eggs and sperm cells which then become embryos embedded in the womb of a woman. Over time, the embryo will continue to develop into a baby. When still in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women usually have not found complaints of shortness of breath. The most common complaint that occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy is nausea and headaches.Not infrequently also accompanied by loss of appetite.

Time continues to roll and the embryo slowly grows into a tiny baby candidate. Your stomach is starting to grow even though it doesn’t seem so significant. In the second trimester, complaints of shortness of breath during pregnancy usually begin to arise.

Why Are  Women Short of Breath during pregnancy?

Many ask what causes shortness of breath in pregnant women. Actually, shortness of breath experienced by mothers is normal. This happens because the enlarged fetus will continue to press the diaphragm. What is the diaphragm? So, the diaphragm is the main muscle used in the process of pulling and exhaling. Where is the diaphragm? Your diaphragm is under the chest cavity. The organ also functions to separate the lungs and heart from the stomach. Because of the pressure from the baby on the diaphragm, the respiratory process automatically becomes more difficult because the breathing space becomes narrower. When sighing it feels tight like someone affected by asthma.

Apart from the pressure on the diaphragm , this difficulty in breathing can also be caused by the need for oxygen in pregnant women to increase by 2-fold. Besides mother, oxygen is also needed by the baby. This can also be the cause of chest tightness.

When is Shortness of Breath Recovered?

In general, shortness of breath only occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy.When entering the third trimester, babies begin to position themselves to prepare to be born into the world. He will start going down to the mother’s pelvic area.

Well, the incidence of this baby falling will make your body feel lighter. The diaphragm will also experience a reduction in pressure so that it becomes more loose and you can breathe better . Personally, I like that too. Shortness of breath that is quite disturbing occurs throughout the second trimester of pregnancy until the third trimester. Then when it has been in the third trimester, the complaint has disappeared.

How to deal with shortness of breath during pregnancy?

If you are one of the pregnant women who have to experience this like me, there are some tips that I have practiced. Thank God, the simple ways below are enough to help alleviate complaints. The mothers also try to practice the tips? Who knows, can help ease the burden.

  1. Take a deep breath slowly,
  2. Eat small portions but often,
  3. Drink a little,
  4. Leaning propped up with lots of pillows,
  5. Lift both hands up,
  6. Walk with an upright body position,
  7. Pull your back and shoulders back,
  8. Don’t lie down immediately after eating,
  9. Sleep on your side to the left,
  10. Sleep with a head propped up with a pillow,
  11. Do relaxation,
  12. Do breathing exercises,
  13. Avoid bending positions,
  14. Don’t push yourself if the breath feels tight,
  15. Avoid going up and down stairs,
  16. Avoid lifting heavy loads,
  17. Wearing loose and comfortable clothes,
  18. Don’t do a lot of heavy physical activity,
  19. Being in a ventilated room.

Well, there are a number of ways that I have practiced while experiencing shortness of breath while pregnant. You can also try it just to drive away the feeling of puffiness in the chest and increase the supply of oxygen for the baby.


The condition of shortness in pregnant women is indeed a natural thing to happen.However, you as a mother or prospective mother must also pay attention to the development of perceived complaints. Even though you as a mother feel capable and fine with the feeling of tightness experienced, your baby in the womb is not necessarily. He can lack oxygen intake and this condition is not good. The solution, always pay attention to what you feel. Especially if the tightness is accompanied by a stomach that turns tight or hardened. This is one of the signs that the baby is trying to convey.

When something like this happens, immediately increase the supply of oxygen for babies. The method can vary. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to lie on your left side while taking a deep breath. Do this until your stomach feels more comfortable and not tense as before. This method will make the flow of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the baby much more smoothly. Apesnya, there are times when shortness of breath in pregnant women is a symptom of another disease that is more dangerous . If your shortness of breath is accompanied by alarming symptoms such as chest pain, pale face, heart palpitations, even fainting, then consult a doctor immediately.

The medical officer will immediately detect and conduct a thorough examination of the mother and fetus. If you find abnormal conditions, the paramedics will recommend the best course of action. So, even though this is generally a normal thing, always monitor your complaints to avoid getting worse. Well, so for today.Hopefully this article is useful and will meet again in the next article, God willing!Keep your health, moms! If there are questions, criticisms, or suggestions regarding this article, please leave a message for me in the comments column. Let’s say


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