7 terrible dangers of smoking for health

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It turns out that the content contained in a cigarette alone,dangers of smoking for health. can produce more than 4000 chemicals. There are hundreds of them including toxic substances and 40 of them can accumulate in the body and can cause cancer.

The following dangerous contents in a cigarette:

7 terrible dangers of smoking for health
7 terrible dangers of smoking for health


The benzene chemical is also called a benzene compound. Generally, benzene is used as an additive for chemicals used in the process of making drugs, detergents, pesticides, and even explosives. This can damage the body’s genetic cells which can cause various health problems due to smoking.

Acetone is a substance used to dissolve paint. You can imagine how dangerous this substance is in our body. Then this substance will settle in the lungs and have a negative impact on lung health.

Tar is used for making asphalt road raw materials. It is difficult to imagine if a cigarette contains Tar which turns out the material for making the road can enter the body just by smoking cigarettes. Then this substance will settle in the lungs and have a negative impact on lung health. Most likely it can cause a smoker to suffer from cancer, heart disease, impotence, blood disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and pregnancy disorders.

This material is one of the radioactive substances, namely substances that are capable of releasing active radiation, which can cause changes in the structure and function of normal cells. In cigarette smoke, P-210 enters the lungs and causes direct damage to cells and tissues which triggers lung cancer. This substance can also spread through the bloodstream and settles in the kidneys, spleen and liver.

At first nicotine can stimulate the brain’s work and be easily absorbed into the blood then it will stimulate the adrenal glands that work to release adrenaline. Nicotine will increase the level of neurotransmitters that can affect the brain to feel happy and anxious when not smoking. This process makes it difficult for smokers to stop smoking.

By adding ammonia to cigarettes in the form of steam which can be absorbed through the lungs faster. Ammonia is a colorless gas consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen. This ammonia substance has a sharp odor.

Carbon monoxide
This gas is usually present in vehicle exhaust. This one compound is a gas that has no taste and smell. The presence of carbon monoxide in cigarettes smoked or inhaled by a smoker causes the red blood cells to bind more to carbon monoxide than oxygen and eventually the body becomes difficult to distinguish carbon monoxide and oxygen. So this is the disruption of the normal circulatory system which results in damage to blood vessels as a channel for blood flow. As a result, the heart of a smoker gets a little oxygen. This is what causes the risk of respiratory diseases, lungs and heart attacks.

Formaldehyde, or more commonly known as formalin, is used to preserve corpses.

This liquid has a mild, volatile, flammable, colorless, distinctive and toxic smell.

According to research shows that smoking habits can increase the risk of various diseases. Such as impotence, laryngeal cancer, osefagus cancer, bronchitis, lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, high blood pressure, and pregnancy disorders, fetal defects and others.

The following are the dangers of smoking to health:

Smoking can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. This is because smoking can damage blood vessels, because nicotine narrows the arteries, thereby reducing blood flow throughout the body and blood pressure to the penis. If someone has experienced impotence, it has become an early warning that cigarettes have damaged other areas of the body.

Cause Cancer
Smoking can also be a risk factor for various types of cancer. Among them are lung cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, and esophagus.

Damaging lung function
Active smokers can be at risk of experiencing various types of lung diseases that can weaken lung function to breathe to be difficult to breathe.

Various Organ Damages
Like the function of the liver, lungs, heart, and blood vessels. That is why smoking can trigger various diseases.

Harm the fetus
Smoking can adversely affect the health of the fetus in the womb. And can result in miscarriage, fetal death, low birth weight babies, and sudden infant death syndrome.

Making Fragile Bones
Smoking habits have an impact on bone health to osteoporosis or fragility.

Damaging the skin
Chemicals in cigarettes and smoke can change the structure of the skin and affect the skin and inhibit the flow of oxygen to skin cells. Then make the skin dry, difficult to regenerate, and then there will be various skin problems such as black spots and wrinkles on the skin.

Hmmm still want to smoke after knowing dangerous substances contained in cigarettes and the bad effects on the health of the body.

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