3 Easy Ways To Scent Your Fridge To Be Odor Free

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How to make the Scent Your Fridge To Be Odor Free . Today I will share my experience when dealing with odors in the fridge. Of the many tips that I can find on the internet, maybe this method will be a little different from the others. Immediately, we review it along with how to remove unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. Read on!
Before writing this, I had already searched for tips to eliminate fishy odors in the fridge in the search engine. There are many search results attached. What’s the point, the contents of most articles are just the same thing. Only the sites are different. Ugh!
Having faced the same experience with odors in the fridge, I took the initiative to share my experiences. Thankfully this will benefit the public.
3 Easy Ways To Scent Your Fridge To Be Odor Free
3 Easy Ways To Scent Your Fridge To Be Odor Free

How to make the Scent Your Fridge To Be Odor Free:

Fridge Function

This object is a storage area that is almost always in most homes. As the name implies, the refrigerator can certainly be used to make ice. Hehe … But apparently there are also many other functions of the refrigerator. One of them is to keep stock of food ingredients everyday.
Not only is it able to make liquids turn frozen, the refrigerator is also able to keep the freshness of your food longer. Starting from vegetables, fruits, until all your favorite syrup can be stored there.

With such cutting-edge technology, I don’t think it’s surprising that refrigerators have always been excellent in the family.

Causes of Refrigerator Odor

In general, when the refrigerator is still in a new condition all its functions are still running normally. You can store any food and drink in it. Ranging from vegetables to fruits and also meat.
Sometimes so many foods are put in the refrigerator, we do not  ngeh  where food-smelling and which are not. All will be one when you enter there.
Oh yeah, do you know what actually makes the fridge smell bad? In fact, there are several main factors that can mess up the freshness of the fridge. Based on my experience, the object below is what can cause an unpleasant aroma in your refrigerator. Check them out!
Storing various types of vegetables in the refrigerator is a very common thing to do. Why? The answer is because the fridge can make vegetable freshness stay longer. But keep in mind, there is one thing that must be considered about storing vegetables.
The point is, you have to remember which vegetables you saved earlier. In addition to having to cook vegetables that have already been purchased, it is better if the types of vegetables that are more easily spoiled take precedence.Usually this type of leafy vegetable is the one that decays faster.
If you find a vegetable that is starting to rot, immediately remove it from the refrigerator and dispose of it. Vegetables that begin to experience decay not only make your refrigerator smelly but also dirty. Decaying vegetables will emit an unpleasant  in the refrigerator if not cleaned immediately.
The same thing applies to various types of fresh fruit. Saving favorite fruit in the fridge has become my habit for a long time. The thing to note is that even though the refrigerator can make the fruit more durable, the fruit storage time must also be considered.
The fruit that you buy in a store or market is not always fresh. Right? Not infrequently the fruits have a little withered when sold. Therefore be sure to spend the fruit as soon as possible. Discard immediately when you find that some of the fruits you have saved have begun to show signs of decay.
Decaying fruit  in the fridge is a contributor to unpleasant odors which is quite troublesome for you. The sour aroma that comes out of it will affect the aroma of other foods in the fridge. Always check your fruit stock huh ?!


In some parts of the world there are several groups of humans who cannot live without meat on a daily basis. Meat is very nutritious and full of protein and fat.The bad news, the meat also has a quite strong aroma.
The fishy smell from meat can make the aroma in your refrigerator less tasty .Meat can become increasingly fishy as the freshness decreases day by day.
Animals that live in these waters are known to have very soft meat. savory, high protein. Unfortunately, in general the  the smell of the fish is very fishy . In some types of aromatic fish it can be even worse.
To avoid the foul smell of fish you should buy fish in fresh conditions. After that, clean the fish carefully before storing it. Then you can store the fish in the freezer for use the next day. Don’t keep it too long, moms?!.
Sea Food
Who doesn’t like seafood? Various types of marine animals have soft, sweet and savory meat. Apesnya, most  sea ​​food has a scent that is worse than freshwater fish . Buy fresh sea food, clean it, and then store it in the freezer.
Be sure to process the food as soon as it is purchased. Seafood that is stored for too long for several days will rot and certainly make your refrigerator smell very strong.
Drinks from cows are known to be rich in calcium. Beyond its healthy content, milk also has a aroma that may not be liked by everyone. Keeping fresh milk in the refrigerator should not be done more than a day.
Fresh milk should be spent on the same day. If stored above that time the milk will clot. The rest of the milk will rot. The bad news is that the smell of rotten milk is even worse than you can imagine.
Aromatic herbs such as turmeric, red onion, and garlic should not be stored for too long. The strong aroma will make your refrigerator smell bad. It’s better to buy just enough seasoning every day so you don’t have to store it in the fridge.

Tips for Expelling Odorless Scents from the Refrigerator

Sometimes even though I have tried to keep the fridge clean, there are still unpleasant smells that come from somewhere. This is a natural thing that happens. In order to solve the problem of bad odors in the refrigerator thoroughly in a number of natural ways that you can try below .
1. Tea pulp
After brewing your favorite tea, don’t first remove the pulp. You can put tea leaf pulp in the refrigerator all day. The fresh aroma of the tea will disguise the unpleasant aroma in the refrigerator.
But there is one thing to remember. Do not put the tea pulp more than one day.Okay moms ?!
2. Vanilla
Vanilla essence is usually synonymous with baking ingredients. But did you know if this one cake ingredient can also be used as an unpleasant odor in the fridge?Just put a few vanilla powder in a small bowl and place it in your refrigerator. A vanilla fragrance will make your refrigerator fragrant.
3. Coffee grounds
The aroma of coffee can be so appetizing and wake up your enthusiasm in the morning. After sipping your coffee out, you can put the coffee grounds in the refrigerator to disguise the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator all day.
As with tea pulp, you should immediately remove the coffee grounds from the refrigerator after a day has passed. Hmm … now your fridge is fragrant!
4. Jasmine
Jasmine flowers may often be identified with mysticism on the island of Java.Apart from all that, you can put some jasmine flowers to scent the fridge. Try it! A typical jasmine aromatherapy fragrance will cover your entire refrigerator.
How? Isn’t it easy to deal with a smelly fridge and make it more fragrant? The items above are guaranteed to stink the refrigerator. In addition to applying how to remove unpleasant odors from the refrigerator above, if you can, you should not store various types of food in the refrigerator for too long.
What if you have practiced all the tips above but the fridge still smells? This can be caused by a stubborn odor. For a stubborn and chronic odor in the refrigerator, it’s not enough to use the method of removing odors or how to clean an ordinary refrigerator. For that, let’s try the method below.

Stubborn Smell on the Refrigerator

When you notice your refrigerator smells, you might feel it’s too late to clean it because the refrigerator is too smelly. Various ways to clean the fridge can already be practiced. But have you used the right way to clean the fridge? The answer is not necessarily.
If your refrigerator has a very bad smell, the only way is to clean it thoroughly. Do it step by step as described below.
1. Defrost
This method is usually used to clean the ice flower in the freezer that has been mounting. To clean a smelly refrigerator, you also need to do defrost.
2. Unplug the cable
After defrost is complete, now your fridge is free of ice cubes. The next step is to pull the cable from the socket.
3. Refrigerator Wash
Now your fridge is no longer connected to electricity. You can also clean it more freely without fear of shock. Use dish cleaning liquid to wash the fridge.
No need to use a lot of water or even flush your fridge. Simply  wipe  your refrigerator carefully using a sponge to an angle that is difficult to reach. Then rinse using a clean sponge. Wipe until completely clean.
4. Dry it
After that, of course you need to dry the refrigerator so that it can be reused immediately. You can leave the refrigerator door open until the entire refrigerator dries by itself. Alternatively, you can also wipe it using a clean, dry cloth.
5. Turn Back
Finally, turn the fridge back on when all the parts are completely dry. Check carefully to make sure there are no more wet parts. Plug the refrigerator cable into an outlet and let the refrigerator adjust for a few moments.
Wonderful! Now you like having a new fridge again. The stench that had been very disturbing had vanished in the earth. Hehe. The fridge becomes cling and fragrant. Ready to store your daily needs as usual.
Well, so many tips that I can share this time. Hopefully this Ways To Scent Your Fridge To Be Odor Free is useful and will meet again in the next article,

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