Alert !! 5 Causes of Spotting in Early Pregnancy

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Five Possible Causes of Spotting in Early Pregnancy and What Should You Do?

The appearance of blood spots in the first trimester of pregnancy often makes you panic. Some think this is a normal thing to happen due to the developing uterus, while not a few panic immediately because they are afraid of miscarriage.

Calm down, Mom. There are several things you need to know about the appearance of blood spots in the early stages of pregnancy.

Alert !! 5 Causes of Spotting in Early Pregnancy
Alert !! 5 Causes of Spotting in Early Pregnancy

Mama needs to pay attention to the color and composition of the blood spots. Because of different colors, different possible causes and severity of them.

For example, if what appears is a light pink spot, the frequency is very rare and is not accompanied by pain, then it is probably a spot that does not endanger pregnancy.

On the other hand, if the blood spots that appear are quite a lot, the frequency is frequent and dark red like menstrual blood, you should immediately check with your doctor.

Describe the color and composition in detail to the doctor, Ma. This will make it easier for doctors to find out the cause and severity of it.

According to Dr Mark Trolice of Fertility CARE, Florida, the more detail you describe the blood spots you have, the easier it is for your doctor to identify the cause.

When Mama is pregnant, the circulatory system in the body changes slightly.

The flow in the small arteries or capillaries becomes more active than usual. This is one of the causes of the appearance of spots. In addition, even minor irritations can make it easier to bleed.

Apart from that, for light pink blood spots, aka light spots, there are several other factors that cause blood spots in early pregnancy.

You have just found out that you’re pregnant yet there exists bleeding of the vaginal. Why does this happen and what in case you do? Light spotting during first stages of childbearing is a kind of symptom but it might be nerve-racking for many mothers-to-be.

Spotting is incredibly light bleeding from the vaginal that is certainly pink to red brown in colour. It looks about the same colour as in the event it was in the beginning or end of the regular monthly menstruation. Generally, light spotting during early stages of childbearing occurs frequently and a few of the causes might be because of:

five causes of spotting in early pregnancy

(1) Implantation Bleeding

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This happens when the fertilized egg implants itself onto the uterus lining which could trigger several days of spotting, often even before you decide to know you might be pregnant.

(2) Sexual Intercourse

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You often see some light spotting after sex as while having sex, more blood will flow to the cervix.

(3) Pap Smear

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An internal examinations or even a pap smear can lead to more blood going to your cervix and cause some light spotting which may be unrelated to pregnancy.

(4) Urinary Tract Infection

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Any inflammation towards the cervix will make it prone to spotting.

(5) Miscarriage or Ectopic pregnancy.

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If the bleeding is heavier as well as abdominal pains and cramps, this might be signs of a threatened miscarriage or perhaps ectopic pregnancy.

What in the event you do?

It could be “normal” per se to have spotting during early stages of being pregnant in case you experience any, throughout any stage of the pregnancy, it is important to consult your doctor immediately. This is especially while you really feel the bleeding to be anything further than “light spotting”. Trust your instincts.

Your doctor in most cases perform some physical checks, blood tests or ultra sound scans if you have spotting during early stages of being pregnant, to be sure the infant is ok. Meanwhile, make sure you rest and do not still exert yourself or go kind of exercises. Drop your housework too!

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