Amazing Stay young! 5 treatments you should do before bed

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The way to stay young . Today we will discuss how to be young and beautiful.When you see teenagers with their beautiful skin it feels normal because the skin of teenagers is still very good. The thing that will make people feel amazed is when they see people who are not young anymore but still emit a youthful aura.Are you not curious about the secrets of their beauty treatments? It could be that they take advantage of sleep time to refill the beauty and suppleness of the skin.

Amazing Stay young! 5 treatments you should do before bed
Amazing Stay young! 5 treatments you should do before bed


For those who have a million activities each day, sleep is the most eagerly awaited moment. The dilemma that is often experienced by workers with super high flight hours is the dilemma between wanting to indulge in drowsiness or hunger. Ever experienced something similar? I have, in fact, can be said quite often. Hehe…
What do you usually do when you are in a dilemma like that? At most obey one of the hardest. Right right? I myself usually prefer to sleep rather than eat. Because I was too weak and tired, I usually fell asleep right away after moving.
What’s wrong, this kind of sleep can be bad for your body and skin . Well the good news, it turns out there are ways that you can follow so that your sleep time can provide maximum benefits for the body, especially for skin beauty.
Immediately prepare your eyes and mind to store the following valuable information. Read carefully from the first to the last points to get complete information.

This is the way to be  Stay young and beautiful before going to sleep.

1. Regular

Going to bed at the same time can have a positive impact on the health and beauty of your skin. In fact, the rhythm of the body that runs regularly can make our body run its natural functions to the fullest.
For example, when you suddenly can’t close your eyes until early morning arrives.What happens after that? Usually the eye bags will appear with dark colors under your eyeball. These eye bags often cannot be removed instantly in quick time.
Besides that staying up late at night will make your body’s hormones experience confusion and chaos. This phenomenon will be responded by the body with the appearance of red spots called zits. Unfortunately, acne caused by instability in hormonal conditions is known to be more difficult to cure.
If you want a face that is always young, try to go to bed at the same time every night.

2. Supine

Sleep position will also affect the appearance of your face in the short and long term. Although open is a factor that is directly related, but a poor sleeping position can accelerate the aging process on the skin. When we sleep with the face pressed against the pillow, either in a prone or tilted position, usually the folds of the cloth will stick to the skin. Right? If done continuously, this habit will accelerate the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

A thing we all know is wrinkles that are very contrary to youth. To avoid things that we don’t want, you should choose a safe sleeping position. The supine sleeping position is the most recommended to minimize the potential for the appearance of wrinkles due to the wrong sleeping position.

3. Pray

What things do you usually never forget to do before going to bed? Certainly pray to God Almighty. Right right? Hehe … Fill in this prayer can also be adjusted to your own desires. How?
Look, prayer before going to bed is not to be missed to read. But there is nothing wrong if after reading the prayer before going to bed then you continue by praying that God gives you a face that is always beautiful and youthful and that God makes your sleep time beneficial for your skin’s health. Aamiin. Right right?Psst, pray fervently ?!

4. Clean up

How to treat your face before going to bed so that it is youthful and beautiful must begin with cleaning your face. Activities all day outdoors will make a lot of dust and dirt stick to the skin and cover the pores. Even if you work indoors even if you do not rule out your face will remain dusty.
Never forget to clean your face before going to bed. Besides being able to make your skin feel more comfortable and relaxed, cleaning your face well before going to bed will also prevent the appearance of wrinkles and other skin problems such as acne.

5. Skin Care

After maximizing facial cleansing, it’s time to provide essential nutrients for the skin. The type of nutrition that will be applied can be adjusted to the type and condition of each skin. The type of treatment products can also be chosen by yourself. If you like the natural way, you can use olive oil or shark liver oil instead of serum. Conversely, if you feel more suited to factory-made cosmetic products, use them wisely. Make sure the product you are about to use already has an official certificate from the local drug and food regulatory agency.

Being old with age is certain, but being young in appearance is a choice. You can take various ways to realize your eternal dreams. But all that will only be in vain if you still forget the fundamental rituals that I have said above. To get maximum results, you should do the basic things first before continuing to other supporting treatments.
Such is the Stay young beautiful ritual so that the face looks fresh and youthful that I can convey. Thank you for coming by. Hopefully this article is useful and will meet again in the next article! Have questions, criticisms, or suggestions regarding the text above? Please leave your message in the comments column below. Let’s say ?!

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