6 benefits of drinking warm water after waking up to cure serious diseases!!

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drinking warm water after waking up to cure serious diseases. Who agrees with this statement
without a healthy body we will not be able to enjoy life. I really agree with that statement. One of my ways to maintain a healthy body is to consume enough water. Do you know what are the benefits of drinking water? We discuss one by one, okay?!
6 benefits of drinking warm water after waking up to cure serious diseases!!
6 benefits of drinking warm water after waking up to cure serious diseases!!
To talk about various types of water, to be honest I’m not an expert. Especially if asked to classify water based on pH and so on. But for the matter of water, I have the knowledge about it.
Water is a term commonly used by people in calling clear drinking water.Although the water does not actually have white, for some reason people prefer to call it that. Since when is drinking water called the water? Based on the fact finding I did, I have not been able to find out for sure since when clear drinking water became more popular with the name of water.
This white water actually does not have color, but because the name is very commonly used to refer to clear drinking water it seems rather difficult to replace it. Except in several areas in Banyumas, Central Java where many people still refer to drinking water as ‘clear water’.
Mineral water
Besides the term water, drinking water also has another term that is no less famous. The name is ‘mineral water’. What is meant by mineral water? This clear water is named mineral water because it contains various natural minerals which are beneficial for the health of the body. That is the origin of why clear drinking water is also often referred to as mineral water.
Drinking Water
Well, even though it has a variety of different mentions but the essence of all the names is drinking water, right? Uh, but wait a minute, try to let me ask. What is the definition of drinking water? I’m confused if there are questions like that. Can all drinking water be called drinking water? The answer is yes.
After looking at the large Indonesian dictionary, drinking water has the meaning of drinkable water. With the basis of understanding, it is not wrong if all the liquids that can be drunk can be called drinking water. So, drinking water is not only clear water but also coffee water, tea water, or syrup. That is why if there are guests who come to our homes we are always asked what we want to drink.
Clean water
Is that all about water that can be drunk, what is the clean water definition? Can you drink clean water? I also asked this when I was in elementary school. Clean water is difficult to determine the level of cleanliness if you do not use the help of special tools.
Clean-looking water may be used for bathing, washing and cooking purposes.However, you should not drink it unless it has been cooked first. Water that is suitable for consumption must at least meet the following conditions; colorless, tasteless, and odorless. If there are still strange smells and flavors, even if there are only a few, it is certain that the water is not suitable for consumption. Those are the three characteristics of water that is suitable for consumption.
 This phenomenon is influenced by the increasingly widespread construction of buildings and state infrastructure that must sacrifice green open areas. Many forests and water catchment areas have turned into residential areas. When things like that continue, slowly but surely the quality of clean water is increasingly disappearing. Inevitably people choose to switch to gallon water to meet their daily drinking water needs.
They were troubled to determine the best water. Especially after various brands of bottled water sprang up to enliven the market. Although it is still dominated by water companies that have been known for a long time, it is not uncommon for people to buy new brands because of the sloping price.
Gallon water is only to fulfill your needs at home. While outside the house people need to drink water. To meet the fluid needs when outside their home they will hunt for bottled water or the best mineral water that can be found. Look for mineral water that is good for consumption and good for your health by paying attention to the packaging, the company that supplies drinking water, the production code, and the expiration date. Also check the color, aroma, and taste of the water. If the color is clear, does not smell, and has no taste (except for a little sweet taste), the water will be of good quality.

Benefits of Drinking Warm Water in the Morning

If you already know and can tell which water is suitable for consumption and which is not, it is time to use the water to maintain health. The human body consists mostly of fluid. Therefore it is very important for us to always pay attention to body fluid intake. The best way to meet your body’s need for water is to consume quality water.
One way to maintain the homeostatic condition of our body must be to consume water with a pH slightly above 7.5. Homeostasis itself is an ideal internal balance condition where all bodily functions can function properly.
Warm water with a pH of about 8 can provide some health benefits for us to maintain the body’s homeostatic conditions. If out there has been a chain message circulating that states that the therapy of warm water in the morning can cure several types of serious diseases, in fact the statement does not have valid proof. In fact, until the time this article was published, no research had been conducted regarding the issue of warm water to cure diseases.
The good news is that, although it has not been proven to have a direct impact on certain medical conditions, it turns out that warm water can alleviate a number of conditions in a person. Some examples are what I will write below:
1. Relieve Sore Throat
When you experience pain when swallowing food, it is one of the symptoms of sore throat. Warm water therapy in the morning can relieve the pain you are experiencing. To speed healing, it would be even better if you continue to consume water in warm conditions while experiencing sore throat.
2. Helps Activate Digestive Enzymes
Digestive enzymes function to maximize the digestion process of the food we consume. This enzyme is found along the digestive tract from the mouth, stomach, intestine, pancreas, to the large intestine and anus. When sleeping at night these digestive enzymes also take a break. Consumption of warm water can help wake up the enzyme to get ready to work again.
3. Reducing Menstrual Pain (dysmenorrhea)
Women will usually experience cramps in the abdomen during the menstrual period. Decreased blood from the uterine wall creates a slight discomfort in the abdominal area. Warm water can help relax the muscles so that the pain decreases.
4. Improve bowel movements
The human intestine is very long. For that we need a good movement so that the intestines can digest food properly while removing metabolic waste from the body. Warm water can help improve bowel movements so that intestinal performance gets better.
5. Prevent Constipation
By fulfilling the body’s need for water, the digestive process will run smoothly.Warm water is believed to be effective to help soften feces. One of the effects of drinking warm water in the morning is the body that will be helped in terms of the process of spending feces, which is to make spending easier.
6. Prevent Hemorrhoid
What is the connection between drinking warm water in the morning with hemorrhoids? Although both do not have a direct correlation but if the process of defecation becomes smooth, we will automatically avoid hemorrhoids.
Drinking Water Rules
After learning about the myriad benefits of drinking warm water in the morning, you are now wondering what the rules for drinking water are good and right, right? When asked about the rules, actually drinking water has no exact rules. But there is a general benchmark that can be used to measure the amount of water we consume.
Humans generally need about 2 liters of water a day. However, this is only a benchmark. In practice, someone’s water needs always change according to their activities, air temperature, and daily calorie needs. The definite rule in consuming water is only one, which is to drink when the body gives a thirsty signal.
Okay, maybe so for today. Thank you for coming here. Hopefully this article is useful and see you again in the next article!

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