10 Signs of a Genius, You Are Anyone ???

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Today I want to discuss something fun and not too serious but still interesting to be learned Signs of a Genius? Yep, I will try to peel 10 signs of genius. Interesting huh? The genius and intelligence of a person’s brain cannot be judged by its external appearance, but are there no signs that can be used as a reference to know someone’s genius? For more details, we will discuss further.
10 Signs of a Genius, You Are Anyone ???
10 Signs of a Genius, You Are Anyone ???
If someone’s appearance cannot be used as a reference to directly assess someone’s genius, that might be true. But if you pay close attention there are actually signs that reflect that someone has above average genius. Like what?Everything we will discuss together here.

10 Signs of a Genius

# 1 Always Want to Know
Very large curiosity is usually owned by balitas and children who are indeed in the age of exploration. Then what if this big curiosity is owned by an adult?Yes, if you realize that you always feel thirsty for new knowledge all the time then this could be a sign that you are a group of geniuses.
This curiosity is usually indicated by frequently asking questions or reading books. Frequently asking questions does not indicate that we are stupid. On the contrary, by asking we will get a lot of information that makes our brains smarter. Geniuses will often ask questions. If geniuses get an answer, they also don’t immediately feel satisfied with the answer. They will search in various sources or also ask other people until their sense of curiosity is fulfilled. If you have this sign, you might be a genius.
# 2 Has Good Emotional Quotiens
You need to know that EQ is very different from IQ. The definition of EQ is emotional intelligence and IQ is intellectual intelligence. Geniuses are different from smart people. Genius people have intellectual intelligence that is balanced with good emotional intelligence. Geniuses will be able to control their emotions better so as not to explode. Meanwhile smart people don’t always have good emotional intelligence. Unlike geniuses, even though they are very smart, smart people are usually not good at controlling their emotions.
# 3 Wants to Recognize Mistakes
Anyone must have made a mistake in his life even if only once. Generally apologizing and admitting mistakes is an action that is not easy to do for most people related to prestige or high ego. Special people who have a genius brain, they will admit their mistakes and dare to apologize knightly when making a mistake without burden. If you dare to do the same, you have a sign of that genius.
# 4 Always Fix Errors
High curiosity and curiosity make genius always want to try new things in his life. The name new things are usually not easy to do. It takes practice several times to be able to do it without errors. Well, unique geniuses, they will always want to correct any mistakes that have been made. If you often fail but don’t want to give up and always look for ways to learn from mistakes, you might be the genius.
# 5 Skeptical
Why do geniuses tend to be skeptical? Well, this is because the genius tends to be hard to believe. In a sense, they are not easy to believe in a thing before they get a reasonable and acceptable answer with logic. This will make the genius become a person who is not easy to believe in someone’s words before getting logical proof. So they will tend to be skeptical of someone’s statement, especially those who are just smart.
# 6 Likes Things About Art
Geniuses also tend to like various works of art. Art works that are liked by genius can include music, paintings, crafts, or also shows. Even though the genius may not look like an artist, in their souls they actually flow a strong artistic soul. If you like various works of art, you should be proud because you can be the genius!
# 7 Think Before You Act
A genius tends to think before acting. They always plan and think carefully about what they will do. This sometimes makes the people around him think of the genius as someone who is bad because when asked, he will long answer because he thinks first. A genius is also a reliable planner!
# 8 Easy to be curious
High curiosity is not a mistake or a criminal act. High curiosity is possessed by those who are sensitive and care about the situation around them. Geniuses also like that, they always have a high sense of curiosity. They want to know everything including things that most people consider trivial.
# 9 Likes staying up late
Do you belong to the class of people who like to live at night or stay up late? If so, you should be berbanga. Geniuses are usually nocturnal or at night. They can maximize their abilities precisely at night. Geniuses will spend time hanging out with friends or just reading books in their rooms. That is one of the characteristics of other geniuses.
# 10 Doesn’t Feel Smart
Geniuses usually don’t admit that they are smart or genius. Conversely, geniuses actually feel that they know nothing so they are always curious and have a strong desire to always add insight every time.
Well, that’s the ten signs that show that someone is a genius. Do you have some of these signs? Or do you have the ten signs of the genius I mentioned above? Wow … really cool !!! I took pride in having a loyal reader who was a genius who was willing to read my scribbling.
Thus is the article about the signs of genius that I can convey on this occasion.I hope this article is useful for you. Don’t forget to share this article with people around you if you find it useful. If you have comments regarding this article, please leave a message in the comments column below. See you in the next article!

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