Who is Most at Risk of Depression and Anxiety?

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Risk of Depression.According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), depression is a type of mental disorder this is the leading reason for disability as well as the leading contributor to the worldwide burden of disease. By 2020 WHO predicts that depression will rise for the # 2 cause of global burden of disease. Who would have known?

Who is Most at Risk of Depression and Anxiety?
Who is Most at Risk of Depression and Anxiety?

WHO Depression Facts (from WHO):

  • Depression is typical, affecting about 121 million people worldwide.
  • Depression is among the main reasons for disability worldwide.
  • Depression can be reliably diagnosed and treated in primary care.
  • Fewer than 25 % of the affected get access to effective treatments. So what is Depression?

Depression is a kind of mental disorder that manifests itself in the form of depressed mood, a loss of revenue of enjoyment of living, low self confidence, inability to sleep properly, loss of appetite, lower levels of one’s, and poor concentration. It affects people spanning various ages and all backgrounds. Some experience severe symptoms and therefore are struggling to function day by day and fatalities are the cause of about 900 and fifty thousand lives yearly.

So that is most in danger?

  • The statistics advise that women are more vunerable to depression than men. Approximately one in six women will experience depression at some stage in their lives while mankind has a single in four chance. Whilst there are factors that affect women in addition than men, the numbers mask a true issue for men…
  • There are factors that effect on women that contribute to depression like child birth (post natal depression), hormone changes and the multiple roles for women who live in everyday life (like raising children, owning a home and holding down a career, all simultaneously).
  • One from the known problems with the information is males are known to be unlikely to find support for depression. The social stigma added to men prevents them from seeking help and therefore the numbers could possibly be skewed. Many men consider depression as being a weakness, at least they perceive others to take action and so they are reluctant to advance and admit their illness. Although this is improving today, you will find still an unknown number of men who tend not to present for support.
  • Children who experience depression will be more likely to have a ancestors and family history of the disorder. Often one with the parents may have experienced depression at some stage in their lives. Adolescence is a period when depression appears to affect a greater variety of people, particularly girls. They too possess a higher than normal likelihood to have a very genealogy of depression although not towards the same extent as children.

What include the Risk Factors?

A quantity of factors are already named increasing the chance of contracting depression. These include specific things like stress, marriage breakup, relationship break up, a loss of revenue of a cherished one, onset of chronic illness including diabetes, abuse or neglect or some other traumatic event.


Depression is a major mental disorder which is prevalent everywhere, in all ages, races and genders. There appears to be described as a higher incidence in ladies nevertheless the numbers might be somewhat misleading. There are several known members, including family history of the disease.

According to WHO, depression will be described as a growing problem for countless years in the future.

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